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The airport has undertaken a variety of assessments and analyses to determine the safest and most efficient possible flight procedures. See below to review the reports, white papers, and other documents that were used as part of this program.

Document TitleCategoryDownload
Airspace Design Review 2016AirspaceDownload
Exhaust Emissions from In-Use General Aviation Aircraft, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, 2016 AirspaceDownload
Flight Procedure Assessment Memorandum 2019Flight ProceduresDownload
FlightTech Airspace Design ReportAirspaceDownload
Greenhouse Gas Analysis 2020Green House GasDownload
Instrument Flight Procedure Feasibility Study 2020AirspaceDownload
Obstruction Memorandum 2020AirspaceDownload
Single engine emissions report detailedFlight ProceduresDownload
TRK Regional MapGreen House GasDownload
Truckee Emission TablesGreen House GasDownload